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Hi! This is Laura from Cali Bamboo and I am right down the street at the grand opening of the Feeding America San Diego distribution center. And with me is Denise Wheeler who is one of the Feeding America board members. So Denise, thank you for having us. (Wheeler) Oh thank you for coming! (Laura) Great! Well thank you. Um can you tell me a little bit – I can hear music coming from inside the warehouse – what’s going on here today? (Wheeler) Well we’re having a great party today. It’s a party to celebrate the grand opening of our warehouse as you mentioned. So we moved from another facility and part of the reason that we moved is our goal is to move this year 16 million pounds of food through our facility and get it out to people in San Diego. Some of the benefits of this new facility make it easier to get food in and out and we also are going to have cold storage which is huge. It can allow us to provide foods that we weren’t able to provide before. (Laura) And you mentioned kids. I heard that Feeding America in San Diego, like half of your clients – half of the people who receive the food – are under the age of 18. (Wheeler) That’s exactly right. So what was very disturbing but interesting to me when I first joined the organization is that one in four children in San Diego at some point are hungry. And that’s 25% of our population under 18, so you’re exactly right. Half of the people that we feed on a weekly basis are under 18. (Laura) In fact that brings me to a good point – I almost forgot – our um, our welcome gift to you in the neighborhood. As neighbors, this is sort of a welcome to the Sorrento Valley neighborhood as you would, um Cali Bamboo, I mean it was kind of a last minute thing, but we wanted to give you kind of a welcome basket. So this is from the employees at Cali Bamboo. (Wheeler) And we very much appreciate that, and we look forward to growing our relationship with Cali Bamboo. (Laura) Wonderful! Thank you so much! (Wheeler) Thank you!

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