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Hey, my name is John and welcome to my house in Reno, Nevada. The last place I was living in, I had hardwood floors, I’m not really sure what kind but they just got destroyed by my dogs. I ended up having to have the floors refinished for the landlords sake, I had to re-stain them, re-sand them, everything. No deposit back in my pocket. My fiancé Stephanie and I bought this house back in October of 2011. We decided to go with a bamboo floor, simply because of the durability, and it looks different from anything we’ve seen before. I’ve got two very large dogs and the durability had to be there otherwise I wouldn’t spend the money on the floor in the first place. When I started looking at the bamboo floors with Nate at Renew Bamboo, I told him I wanted the best bamboo on the market and he told me Cali Bamboo was the only way to go with the durability and the style I was after. Originally with the floor, I was kinda babying it. I’m like I don’t want to scratch the quote unquote unscratchable floor. Now I have no apprehensions to throwing a ball down the hall and having my dogs chase after it and having my nieces and nephews play on the floor with their toys. I really have no worries about durability anymore….That’s the beasties. Heh. Almost a year later, we are by no means gentle on the floor and I couldn’t point out one scratch to you. I actually found salt and pepper shakers, I had to have it cause you gotta match!

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