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Capped Composite Decking Offers 360º of Protection

capped composite decking

What is capped composite decking?

The term “capped” comes from the manufacturing process where the composite core of the deck and the protective coating are co-extruded simultaneously. Remember playing with Play-Doh® as a kid? Well, extrusion is exactly like squeezing soft material through a shaped template or die.

capped composite decking

Cali Bamboo is excited to announce the launch of a new capped composite decking line: GreenClaimed® 3G, a product based on the proven sustainability and durability of the existing GreenClaimed® line, but with an exclusive additional feature, the ProFormance360™ Shield.

The purpose of many recent advances in capped composite decking has been to create a material with long-lasting protection and enduring aesthetics that also has minimal maintenance requirements. The GreenClaimed® 3G decking ProFormance360™ shield is the ultimate solution–offering 360-degree protection that effectively seals the plank from all sides. The ProFormance360™ coating provides advanced protection from natural buildup, staining, harsh sun, scratching from furniture, and repeated pressure washing. Additionally, this shield guards against impact and creates a moisture-resistant barrier for greater survivability of the elements and resistance to fading, thereby providing long-lasting, worry-free enjoyment of outdoor spaces for decades to come.

The inspiration for the ProFormance360™ shield originated on the golf course, where Cali Bamboo VP of Sales (an avid golfer), took note of the extreme resilience of golf balls to sand, water, mud, grass, and even high impact at high speed. Stamatis brought a golf ball to Cali Bamboo founder, Jeff Goldberg, where it was passed on to the research team at Cali Bamboo. The team discovered that the extreme toughness of the golf ball could be attributed to a unique resin, called “ionomer.” They were then tasked with re-creating a protective shield that would be to decking what ionomer resin is to a golf ball–effectively translating the key features and characteristics to an existing product for even greater longevity.

Made in the USA, this GreenClaimed® 3G decking is the fruit of extensive research and a myriad of powerful engineering breakthroughs. In addition to the new ProFormance360™ Shield, the overall design of the decking has been improved with the introduction of underside channels, which effectively generate improved rigidity and tensile strength across the length of the plank–dynamically reducing deflection, which increases strength and stability under harsh environments and throughout challenging applications.

“When the engineers developed the channels for the new decking material, we stressed the importance of simultaneous application of the ProFormance360™ shield at the moment of extrusion. Many manufacturers channel their planks after applying an outer wrap, which leaves the grooves vulnerable to the elements. We wanted to find a way to ensure a complete seal that fully encased the planks for 360-degree protection, and we did,” said Goldberg.

In preparation for the release of this product to the general public, the decking was subjected to a variety of extensive tests in San Diego, CA, at Petco Park, home of the San Diego Padres. The GreenClaimed® 3G decking, with its exclusive ProFormance360™ shield, held up to all tests and treatments performed, and resulted in a massive commercial installation across the park, concentrated in center right field and now called “The Pier Project.”

The new line of GreenClaimed® 3G decking comes in four colors: Copper, Bronze, Graphite, and an all new color called “Carbonite”–a sepia-like brown with subtle undertones of muted greys and umber reds. The GreenClaimed® 3G decking is 100% recycled, containing 50% reclaimed hardwoods from the furniture industry and 50% recycled HDPE plastics (such as milk and detergent bottles). Each plank is 16 feet long and is milled with an easy-to-install hidden fastener system. The product comes backed by a 25-year residential warranty, and is now available on the Cali Bamboo website.

About Cali Bamboo

Cali Bamboo is a San Diego-based manufacturer of eco-friendly building materials made primarily of bamboo. Founded in 2004, the company is passionate about conceptualizing and producing innovative, modern design alternatives that are built on principles of durability and environmental integrity. Cali Bamboo services residential and commercial building projects across North America with a wide range of products including bamboo, cork and eucalyptus flooring, composite decking, fencing and décor.

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