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Happy Hour San Diego

Laura’s looking pretty pleased in the Reef Lounge. (Of course, she’d be a lot happier with a pina colada.)

Attention San Diegans and San Diego-bound travelers! We’re about to let you in on a little-known hotspot you might not expect. While the phrase “Hotel Circle” probably conjures more visions of convention-goers than party-people, it just so happens to be home to the Handlery Hotel which boasts the biggest pool in Mission Valley… which, surprise-surprise, is open to the public! (We realize this news comes a little late in the season, but hey, it should be in the high 70s next week, and after that there’s always the jacuzzi!)

tiki lounge

Not only does the hotel allow non-overnighters access to the pool (open everyday until 10 p.m.), they also host live bands and a Monday through Friday happy hour at the poolside Reef Lounge from 3 to 5 p.m. An additional Tuesday through Sunday happy hour is offered in the swankified 950 Lounge from 5 to 7pm.

local happy hour

The Reef Lounge is appropriately decked out in full tiki flair — bamboo poles, fencing and thatch courtesy of Cali Bamboo. Lounge chairs out on the pool deck even have flags you can raise to hail down a mai tai without even having to sit up. Talk about a staycation!

bamboo tiki bar

So now that you’re in the know, grab a towel and make these last warms days count! Operation: Happy Hour San Diego is a go!

Reef Lounge

bamboo happy hour

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