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Choosing new flooring for your home or commercial space can be both fun and exciting. You’ve perused the possibilities, selected your style and are thoroughly satisfied knowing your new floors are going to transform your space from drab to fab.

But did you know that what’s underneath your new floors is just as, if not more, important? Enter underlayment. Hardwood floor underlayment can add comfort and sound insulation helping you to enjoy your new floors even more.

Read on for a step-by-step guide on choosing the best flooring underlayment for your home.

When choosing your hardwood floor underlayment, it’s important to consider all of the purposes you want it to serve. There are two types of hardwood floor underlayment that we recommend, each with their advantages.

Recycled Felt
The first option for floor underlayment is Recycled Felt, which is made from natural or recycled fibers. At about 4mm thick, Recycled Felt provides what SVS is lacking, comfort and sound absorption, but unfortunately, doesn’t offer the moisture protection that is afforded with Cali Complete™.

Cali Complete™
This all-in-one underlayment is designed for moisture and vapor protection for all subfloors and floor types. The do-it-all, non-toxic sheet also achieves better overall noise reduction. Cali Complete thermal insulation makes floors warmer and more comfortable. Interlocking edges and a fan-fold design mean simple installations for homeowners and pros alike. And as an added plus for the planet, Cali Complete is 100% recyclable. Pair with Metallized Seaming Tape to ensure a full moisture barrier, even over concrete.

When it comes time to install your new hardwood flooring, don’t skimp on what’s underneath. Reference this handy how-to guide to choose the perfect hardwood floor underlayment and rest assured knowing that your new floors will bring you happiness for years to come.


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