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It’s October, the leaves have changed, the weather has chilled and it’s time for Halloween! Halloween is a favorite holiday among children and adults alike. Unfortunately it can also be one of our most wasteful holidays with disposable decorations, costumes, bags, and the litter produced from all that candy! With just a few simple tips from Cali Bamboo you can have a Green Halloween this year.

Trick or Treat with Reusable Bags
Gone are the days of plastic bags for collecting candy. Hit the neighborhood in style with reusable treat bags. An even more unique option are bags from Terracycle made out of recycled candy and food wrappers you send in. You send them your trash and they make recycled goods from it! Consider sending them your post-Halloween wrappers too!

Satisfy a Sweet Tooth While Doing Good
Dentists may not agree, but candy can be good for you! Purchasing fair trade certified chocolates supports fairly paid farmers and sustainable farm practices all over the globe. These treats have a larger price tag than their bulk name-brand alternatives, so consider mixing both types of candy if you need to.

Buy Organic Pumpkins and Use Every Bit
Conventional pumpkin growth requires the use of pesticides, and most people buy pumpkins, use them for decoration and then throw them away. After making your jack-o-lantern try to make use of the rest of the pumpkin. – start with baking and eating the seeds and then after Halloween use the pumpkin to bake a pumpkin pie or try other interesting recipes. If you can, compost the rest of your pumpkin too!

Hold a Costume Swap or Get Thrifty!
Instead of buying a new costume every year, considering having a costume swap with your friends and neighbors. You will be saving money and resources at the same time. Another way to avoid the plastic costumes sold at mega-stores, is to visit your local thrift store. You can find great gently used items at fantastic prices.

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