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herringbone flooring

Cali goes classic with elegant herringbone flooring, along with six all-new Fossilized™ bamboo flooring colors.

Cali Bamboo, the direct-to-consumer and omni-channel leader in both flooring and decking, has launched seven new bamboo floors, including two made for herringbone flooring style installations. All new floors feature a solid Fossilized™ bamboo construction — Cali’s proprietary manufacturing technique yielding the world’s hardest floors with Janka hardness scores of up to 5000+.

The two new Herringbone styles — Riverwood and Outer Banks — both bear a smooth wood grain, with Riverwood wrapped in a subtle stormcloud gray and Outer Banks glowing from a calming palm brown. Outer Banks also comes in a traditional 6’ length plank with tongue-and-groove milling. The four additional new colors — Bourbon Barrel, Savanna, Bordeaux, and Treehouse — come in traditional planks. All are tongue-and-groove with the exception of Bordeaux, which has a click-lock construction.

Speaking on the new additions, Cali Bamboo President, Doug Jackson says, “We put a massive effort into spotting and acting on trends before they hit the broader North American market, and have been tracking parquet-type patterns like herringbone in Europe. The time was right to grow among high-style clientele while giving our customers this popular flooring option along with all the strength our Fossilized bamboo is known for.”

Perfect for formal living rooms and dining rooms, herringbone flooring always makes a statement and lends an extra element of luxury. The pattern was used by the ancient Romans to stabilize their brick roads, and was first adopted for wood flooring in the 16th century when the technique truly took off. Today, herringbone wood flooring can be seen in palaces and urban lofts alike — always delivering a chic, vintage feel and immediate design impact.

As with all Cali Bamboo Fossilized flooring, the seven new styles feature a 10-coat scratch resistant finish. Planks are safe for the home and ultra-low VOC. Flooring is backed by an industry-leading 50 year residential warranty and a 15 year commercial warranty.

Bamboo flooring, when harvested and manufactured correctly, remains a far more eco-friendly alternative to traditional hardwood. Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on Earth with some species measured to grow over four feet in 24 hours. The trees used for conventional hardwood take 30-50 years to reach their full mass and are then chopped down. Bamboo, however, is a renewable resource, and can be continually reharvested every three to seven years without causing any damage to the plant or surrounding environment.

See the New Floors here!

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