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At this year’s Thanksgiving, rather than just saying what you’re thankful for, show appreciation for the earth by providing your guests with an eco-friendly celebration of gratitude. In this edition of Green Shoots, Cali Bamboo shares our favorite tips on how to incorporate natural products into your holiday celebration and ultimately transform your home into a green living retreat.

::Cali Bamboo has a Cali Thanksgiving::

To truly show appreciation for the ground beneath your feet, Cali Bamboo recommends serving a Thanksgiving meal with food grown within a 100-mile radius of your home. Buying from your neighbors reduces the impacts of transportation. Local food also uses less packaging and is fresher. Support your local farmers’ market, and if there isn’t one in your community, get organized.

Visit or this link at the University Of Florida to learn how to start farmer’s markets in California or Florida. Most other states have online resources on the topic as well. Make a lasting difference in your community.

“When eating bamboo sprouts, remember the man who planted them.” -Chinese Proverb

::Toasty Thanksgiving ::

Cali Bamboo Fossilized Marbled Bamboo FlooringAs the crisp fall days are slipping by, making way for winter, memories of long summer days continue to keep us warm. Bamboo is another way to provide warmth to any room. Straight from sunny California, Cali Bamboo products add a touch of warmth to the coldest winter places. Free of the overbearing knots found in traditional wood, but full of character and uniqueness, bamboo flooring is an excellent way to subtly bring the outdoor feeling inside.

::Add Spice With Bamboo ::

lucky bamboo plantRather than using traditional flowers in a vase as a table centerpiece, try lucky bamboo. It will add a natural touch to your table and can be a conversation piece for your guests on Thanksgiving. Lucky bamboo is also known to bring good fortune, it may even help your football team win!

Bamboo Candle If you need even more luck, light up the room with bamboo candles. Cali Bamboo’s new line of candles are accented with a Feng Shui luck wealth coin. These coconut-lime scented candles will bring joy and warmth to any room.

::Giving Thanks To The Earth::

After you’ve enjoyed your Thanksgiving bounty, mark the holiday by making a permanent reminder of your thanks – plant bamboo. Hearty Bamboo is known to survive even Denver’s cold winters. Not only will you add some beauty to your backyard, but bamboo releases 35% more oxygen than equivalent size trees. Visit the Denver Zoo for more information on the various types of bamboo to consider for planting.

::365 Days Of Thanks::

The environment is a top priority here at Cali Bamboo, and we hope you will take these Thanksgiving tips a step farther by incorporating sustainable and green products into your home year-round.

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