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Community outreach is a very important part of Cali Bamboo’s business plan.  It is imperative that we do our part to provide assistance with various organizations whether financially, sponsoring events or providing materials.

This summer, we sent some bamboo poles to a group of fort-building young architects at the Randall Museum in San Francisco.  The Randall Museum, owned by the City of San Francisco’s Parks and Recreation Department, is child-focused and showcases interactive displays and exhibits centered on arts, crafts, natural history and sciences.

Each summer, the museum offers a series of summer camps that include hands-on activities and projects geared towards science, art, technology, and nature study as well as a lot of physical play.  One of the projects during one session taught kids how to build forts and structures like teepees.  “The goal of the camp was to teach project planning, engineering concepts and building skills,” says Forest Dickey, Founder of Varian Designs Boutique Furniture and an instructor at the museum’s summer camp.  This project was fantastic for kids as it they worked on the project from beginning to end with something to show for their efforts.

Over the two weeks, they drew individual pictures of forts and teepees then broke up into groups to design and build scaled models of the forts out of bamboo and muslin.  At that point the kids began working on the structures outside.  The finished products had to be constructed with the supplied materials, hold all the members of their group (four-five kids), and contain a roof or floor. According to Dickey, “the kids were challenged to think ahead, plan their structure and work together as a team.”  One group completed three teepees.

Cali Bamboo stepped up to provide the bamboo poles for the kids’ teepees.  Working with local and regional organizations as well as those abroad to teach the importance of green living and how bamboo is one of the best sustainable materials available is an important part of our day to day business.  “Working with the Randall Museum’s summer camp was one of the most rewarding projects to date,” says Jeff Goldberg, Cali Bamboo CEO.  “As parents, we are always amazed at the ingenuity of children to figure out and complete projects like building  structures.  As a business that focuses on sustainable building materials, we are drawn to their natural curiosity and desire to promote green living.”

Goldberg is a staunch advocate of community involvement and looks for projects like the Randall Museum’s summer camp with which to get involved.  Not only is it good business, it furthers the message about the benefits of sustainable building materials and encourages being environmentally conscious.

At Cali Bamboo, we are always interested in participating in community projects.  For more information, please contact us.

How many happy campers can you fit in a teepee? About 4 apparently.

This child tries an unconventional fort design.

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