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Picking a winner is easy as 1, 2, 3

With all the flooring options out there, choosing a new floor can be a bit overwhelming. Use this simple questionnaire to find a perfect floor for your home.

(1) Determine your must haves.

A. Spill- Proof & Low Maintenance

B. Hardwood Beauty & Strength

(2) What’s your vibe?

A. Trendy & Stylish

B. Traditional & Classic

(3) Set a budget.

A. Let’s not break the bank

B. Ready for a Wow-Factor investment

Your Ideal Flooring:

Mostly A- Luxury Vinyl

You like an active life, too busy to bother with lengthy installations or a high maintenance floor. Still, style is a high priority, and you are drawn to unique accents. Cali Vinyl was made for you!

Mostly B- Bamboo

Elegant and traditional, your home is polished and full of natural beauty. Still, the occasional party means your floor needs to stand up to wear and tear.  Bamboo is your perfect match!

Still not sure which floor you’ll choose?

Explore Which Flooring Type is Best for You.

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