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Nowadays, we try to teach our children about the importance of a sustainable future at school and home.  From planting gardens to recycling to using the earth’s renewable resources for building materials, they learn ways to protect the environment.

Other countries however,  sustainable living and how to incorporate it into everyday life is just now beginning to catch on.  At schools, children are beginning to learn about green education in terms of growing gardens for food, recycling, collecting rainwater, and more.

Recently, Ines Way, a Senior Supply Chain Specialist at Cali Bamboo, travelled to Rosarito, Mexico to teach a group of school children about sustainable living and how to bring it into their daily lives.   Way’s sister is a teacher in Rosarito and asked her to come and talk to her students about sustainable living and what they can do to protect the earth.

During her visit, Way talked about bamboo and what a great natural product it is for green building because it grows quickly and is so strong and durable.

She also told them about her trips to China, the country where a lot of bamboo is grown, as well as pandas, what they eat and where they live. When asked about what the students were most interested in knowing, Way said “they were interested on learning the distance from China. I explained it takes 14 hours to fly to China and or 12 days by ship.  These kids are not exposed to travel so learning about the global business was a great learning experience.”

And of course, to make the day more fun, there had to be crafts and a science experiment.  Armed with a lucky bamboo stick for every child, she took them outside to collect rocks in a cup with water so that they could take care of the bamboo.  As for the craft project, they made bamboo floors with wooden sticks then painted them.  The students also took notes in their new notebooks Ines brought for each student and had them each share their favorite eco-fact they learned that day. Kids and conservation are an easy combination because they want to learn and conservation is better learned in a hands-on, interactive setting.

Way said that she was amazed at how interested the Rosarito “students were in learning about a new place.”  She had a fun filled day.  When asked what her “aha moment” was, she replied, “teachers dedicate their lives to teaching children. Even though they are sometimes criticized, they are amazing and have a huge responsibility – not to mention an infinite amount of energy.”  Way also talked about how she was exhausted after just one day.  With 35 students in each of the classes she visited, of course she was!

At Cali Bamboo, we firmly believe in the importance of a green education for our youth. Going out and talking with classes about ways to protect the earth, use its resources responsibly will make a difference.   If everyone did one thing to help create a sustainable future, imagine what would happen.

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