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Bamboo’s beloved for its natural beauty, but who knew it could shine both inside and out? Lead by Italian artist Daniel Rossi, the Virginia-based company Organic Light Sculptures creates exactly that — inspiring wall, ceiling and floor lamps intricately crafted out of recycled and green materials.

Check out this fantastic video of the making of a bamboo table lamp from start to finish.

And whoever said leftovers couldn’t impress? Anyone who’s ever done bamboo home improvement knows for every installation there’s always some random scraps to deal with afterward. Even in our own warehouse at Cali Bamboo headquarters we’ve accumulated several pallets worth of bamboo bits and pieces — most of which are 2′ and 4′ Moso bamboo poles. In an effort to keep from adding to the landfill we’ve begun offering these leftovers to bamboo artisans who transform our waste into masterpieces. Organic Light Sculptures recently received their first box of scraps, and we can’t wait to see what they come up with!

If you’ve made something out of your Cali Bamboo scraps we want to see it! Send pictures (ones taken with a regular digital camera are best) to [email protected] and we may spotlight your creations as well!

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