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5 S’more Recipes You Need to Try

Who doesn’t love a good s’more? It’s the ultimate outdoor party dessert and easy to customize to impress your guests and leave them wanting… well, you know. Check our fresh takes on this classic treat and try them out for yourself!

1. PB & Bacon
Throw in some grilled bacon and prep the grahams with your favorite peanut butter.

2. For a pig-friendly option, swap the bacon with strawberry jam.

3. Apples & Brie
Cut a fresh apple into thin slices and replace the marshmallow with soft brie cheese for a classy twist. Pour the chardonnay and enjoy!

4. S’more Cookies, Please!
Use your favorite cookies instead of grahams. Sandwich cookies are made for this trick! #smoreos

5. Tea Party S’mores 
Keep it cute and fancy with raspberries and a sandwich of sugar wafers.

A deck is the ideal place to taste test all your new s’more recipes, and with Cali composite decking you’ll be guaranteed easy clean-up even in sticky situations. Happy summer!

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More s’more photos, please!

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