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For eco-conscious homeowners considering new flooring, bamboo is generally the first option that comes to mind. While bamboo is a beautiful choice for any home, we cannot overlook another wonderful green alternative to hardwood: Eucalyptus Flooring.

GreenClaimed™’s Natural Fossilized® Eucalyptus flooring is Cali Bamboo’s March Product of the Month, so let’s take a look at the many benefits of this amazing floor!


Eucalyptus is a 100% renewable crop. Like bamboo, the eucalyptus tree is one of the most rapidly growing plants on the planet, reaching full height in as little as 14 years (compared to 50 years for other woods). Eucalyptus can also be harvested without being cut down, making it the most sustainable choice for wood flooring. Because of its quick growing cycle, eucalyptus trees tend to be cultivated in carefully managed plantations, which helps to divert logging in the rainforest. Additionally, eucalyptus trees require little water and grow globally in almost any climate.


Eucalyptus is eco-friendly, yes, but how does it hold up in flooring? Cali Bamboo’s eucalyptus flooring is manufactured with the same proprietary manufacturing process as our bamboo flooring, making it at least 3x as hard as most hardwoods! Our strand woven, or Fossilized®, process creates a random grain similar in look to traditional hardwood flooring but with significantly superior strength and durability, all backed by a 50-year residential warranty. Our flooring is also topped with a 10-coat scratch resistant finish helping to reduce damage from dog nails, high heels, and furniture. Like all Cali Bamboo flooring, our eucalyptus flooring undergoes third-party testing to ensure that it is CARB compliant with ultra-low VOCs, emitting 8x less formaldehyde than the strictest California standards!


The best thing about eucalyptus flooring is that it is so beautiful, you can be happy about picking the sustainable choice. One of our best-selling products, eucalyptus flooring has a look and wood grain similar to white oak or maple with all the eco-benefits of a rapidly renewable material. Our Natural Fossilized® Eucalyptus flooring features unique knots and mineral bleeds that make it a stunningly beautiful, eco-friendly alternative to reclaimed timber. Stylish and sensible, Cali Bamboo eucalyptus flooring was recently named one of Green Builder Magazine’s Hot 50 Products of 2015. Depending on your home décor, Natural Eucalyptus flooring can lend itself to an exotic look that transports you to the tropics, or a bold, sophisticated look with reclaimed character. We’ll let the photos speak for themselves…

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