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home_tiki_bar-01 home_tiki_bar-02 home_tiki_bar-03

1st Place Winner – Rose’s Authentic Island Vibe Tiki Bar

– Won with 150 Likes

Rose goes big and brings authentic island vibes to her Indiana home. Complete with a thatch roof and fully stocked bar, all that’s missing from this rockin’ tiki bar is sandy feet!

bamboo_bed-01 bamboo_bed-02 bamboo_bed-03

2nd Place Winner – Nate’s Custom Bamboo Plywood Bed

– Won with 97 Likes

A true work of art and a beautifully designed piece of bamboo furniture that is both practical and eye-catching. This bed is showcased on Cali Bamboo Natural Fossilized Bamboo Flooring and matches the color of the bed.


bamboo_shade-01 bamboo_shade-02

3rd Place Winner – Mike’s Mordern Bamboo Covered Patio

– Won with 11 Likes

Casting interesting and unique shadows on his modern patio area. Mike has created an elegant touch to his outdoor living space and provides himself and guests with a relaxing area to cool off and still feel the refreshing breeze.

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