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Standing in the presence of one of California’s larger-than-life redwood trees is an awe-inspiring experience that we hope everyone finds the opportunity for. Unfortunately, a mere 4% of the original old-growth redwoods are still standing as a result of a relentless demand for lumber. This May Greenshoots takes a further look at the situation and how bamboo construction has helped to slow the destruction of these great natural wonders.

A Tough Time for Redwoods
National parks and preserves have become increasingly popular destinations as North Americans take trips a little closer to home. The Redwood National and State Parksin California have been inspiring visitors for almost 100 years and protect 45% of the world’s remaining old-growth redwood trees. “Old-growth” refers to the forests that are considered ancient, and tend to promote the most biodiversity because of their unique filtration of sunlight. Along the California and Oregon coastlines a massive 96% of the original old-growth coast redwood trees have been logged for use in fences, furniture and construction. Many redwood lumber companies prefer using this old-growth wood because it is sturdier than the younger trees and can be given a longer warranty. However, this requires chopping down trees that have been around since the Middle Ages!

Bamboo Construction: Saving Our Disappearing Forests
Most redwoods have a 500 to 700 year lifespan, but some can live over 2000 years! Imagine destroying something that started growing in biblical times just to make a fence! In that same amount of time, one bamboo plant – which can be continually harvested every 3 years — could have been cut and re-grown over 650 times. So do your part in preserving these ancient, natural wonders by opting for sustainable bamboo products for your next home or yard project. In choosing bamboo you’ll be going green without compromising the strength and durability your construction project demands.

Cali Bamboo Joins the Forest Stewardship Council
fsclogoCali Bamboo is proud to announce that our bamboo plywood and veneer has recently earned Forest Stewardship Council certification. This independent, non-governmental, not-for-profit organization was established to promote the responsible management of the world’s forests and to certify products that come from forests that are used to meet the social, economic and ecological needs of present and future generations. The FSC’s partners, like Cali Bamboo, feel that natural resources can be processed in ways which ensure a healthy ecological balance is maintained.

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