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You helped make a difference in children’s health.

Cali Bamboo recently joined Rady Children’s Hospital to bring in critical funding for respiratory pulmonary research during the Miracle Month of May, and to participate in an ongoing effort to raise awareness of child respiratory illnesses to make a difference in children’s health.

Cali Bamboo and Rady

Thank you for joining us for the Miracle Month of May! Cali Bamboo and anonymous contributors raised $5,150 to help fund key research on children’s respiratory pulmonary illnesses. Cali Bamboo will continue to partner with Rady leading scientists and doctors for the “Breathe Easy” campaign in an ongoing effort to further national awareness of the importance of Indoor Air Quality. Stay tuned, and join us next May as we launch another fundraising campaign!

Hear Ryan Pocock — Rady Corporate and Community Development Officer,
talk about the Miracle Month of May fundraiser and teaming up with Cali Bamboo.

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