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bamboo art rocking chair

Rocking chairs have never been so cool, or so deserving of the spotlight. Kevin DesPlanques “Sublime Rockers” are smooth, swooping creations that achieve an elusive balance between modern design and old-timey warmth. The rockers practically glow thanks to DesPlanques’ expert woodworking skills and the variety of timbers in his arsenal. Wood appears to melt into place as his pieces defy conventional application. “This process allows for more curves and fine lines than traditional woodworking methods, since the shape is entirely sculpted you get a very ergonomic fit,” he says.

plywood furniture

Most of DesPlanques’ work is done with special hardwoods like zebrawood, walnut, oak and maple, but he’s recently been expanding his palette to include Cali Bamboo plywood.

“I have seen a shift in some of the top shows in the country and they are encouraging the artists to use more recycled and eco-friendly materials. Bamboo is a perfect fit and it has helped me get into some of the very best art shows in the country. I find it much easier to work with than some of the exotics as well it shapes very nicely and the final product is very good.”

bamboo plywood rocking chair

Stay tuned to DesPlanques’ site for upcoming bamboo art pieces. If you live in the Miami area you might even catch him at the #1 outdoor fine arts festival in the nation…

“I am making several new pieces out of bamboo including benches, bar stools, dining chairs and tables. I hope to debut them at the Coconut Grove Fine Arts Festival in February.

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