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Green is our favorite color, and at Cali Bamboo we strive to keep the planet green for future generations. That’s why we recently made a $24K donation to 1% for the Planet. Our contribution will benefit the National Surfrider Foundation and San Diego Coastkeeper in their efforts to prevent pollution and maintain a healthy marine environment and Rainforest Relief and Amazon Watch which seek to protect the rainforests. As a San Diego-based company with lot of surfers on staff, Cali Bamboo is passionate about beach habitats and clean water for the planet.  We do more than give money to the cause; our employees volunteer in beach clean-up efforts.  You’ll hear more about our experience in upcoming newsletters.

966088469_3106010c25_z-300x200::Using Bamboo Makes a Difference::

Donating 1 percent of the company’s sales revenue to environmental causes is one way we make a difference. When you choose our products, you help us have an even greater positive impact on the planet. As consumers, you really can save the planet with each purchasing decision you make. Cali Bamboo was formed specifically to provide eco-conscious consumers with a green alternative that is a terrific product by any standards. Strong, attractive, durable, and adaptable to a wide range of applications, bamboo is nature’s miracle plant!

All our bamboo products — from fencing to flooring to plywood to accessories — are sustainable. Unlike traditional hardwood forestry, harvesting bamboo doesn’t harm or hurt the environment or habitats.

966081111_fd943af5e5_z-300x200::Regeneration for Future Generations::

Bamboo is one of the most remarkable organisms on the planet, something Eastern civilizations have known for millennia. Bamboo’s regenerative properties are the reasons it’s such a responsible choice for building materials or home accessories.Some bamboo species grow four feet in 24 hours! Once harvested, a bamboo forest can be renewed in as little as three years, compared to half a century- 50 years – for traditional forests. All the while bamboo produces oxygen and consumes carbon dioxide at a higher rate than trees, and its root system remains in place after harvesting and during regeneration, preventing soil erosion.

By some calculations, mass planting of bamboo around the planet could actually reverse the effects of global warming in just 6 years, providing a renewable source of food, building material, and soil erosion prevention all at the same time.

::Staying in Touch with Green Shoots::

With the launch of the first Green Shoots, we thank you, our customers, for playing your part in saving the planet and hope you enjoy our newsletter.

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