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EXECUTIVE STEP Toward Building a Cleaner, Greener Future

As President Obama establishes himself in the White House, many green builders and environmentally-concerned citizens are looking forward to some real CHANGE being proposed for America’s construction industry. According to the U.S Green Building Council (of which Cali Bamboo is an active member), in the United States alone, buildings account for:

.    72% of total U.S. electricity consumption
.    39% of total use
.    38% of total U.S.all carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions

.    40% of total U.S.raw materials use
.    30% of total U.S.waste output (136 million tons annually)
.    14% of total U.S.potable water consumption

In an effort to go green and create new jobs, the new administration has proposed the expansion of federal grants to aid the construction of LEED-certified state and city buildings. The president plans to call for all new federal buildings to be carbon neutral by 2025. To do this, within five years, new buildings would have to increase energy efficiency by 40%, and existing buildings would have to increase efficiency by 25%. President Obama is also pushing to get all new non-federal buildings carbon-neutral and more sustainable by 2030.

Help Pave the Way
At Cali Bamboo, we are true believers in the power of individuals to make big, positive changes. Each of us makes an impact by managing waste, choosing to maintain low-impact lifestyles, and opting for green products like our bamboo fencingflooring, plywood and other products. Our hope is that when these practices become part of our public policy, we will see real change implemented on a grand scale.

Bamboo will surely be playing its role in the national effort to make American buildings more sustainable. Jump-start the progress now by using this environmentally friendly resource in your home building projects and supporting efforts toward a cleaner, greener future.

U.S. Presidents and Bamboo: Some Fun Facts…

  • President Bill Clinton was said to have gotten a real kick out of an instrument called a “xaphoon,” which is a pocket-sized bamboo saxophone made of real, Maui-grown, raw bamboo stalks.
  • A special bamboo fly fishing rod was once custom-made for President Jimmy Carter by the company, Oyster Fine Bamboo Fly Rods. Click here to see some photos of the rod.
  • As a boy living in Indonesia with his mother and Indonesian stepfather, Lolo, some of President Barack Obama‘s favorite pastimes were swordfighting with bamboo sticks, and soccer. 

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