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Eco-Tips for Turkey Day

This November brings the opportunity for you and your family to discover new, green ways to celebrate old traditions. Also discover a few tidbits of good green news we are particularly thankful for this year. Happy Thanksgiving!

Easy Eco-Tips for Turkey Day!

1. When using your oven, pre-heat for no more than 10 minutes. Otherwise, you’re just wasting gas.

2. Use your best puzzle-master skills when loading the dishwasher, and don’t allow it to run until it’s completely full.

3. Venture to a farmer’s market for your Thanksgiving veggies. This supports local farms and makes for a great fall family activity. Find your local farmer’s market.

4. Go classy (and green) by opting for washable cloth napkins instead of paper.

5. Opt for an organic, free-range turkey!

6. Are your eyes bigger than your stomach? Save food (and calories) by only serving yourself what you’re sure you’ll eat.

7. Be sure to save all those tasty leftovers! Check out some delicious leftover recipes here.

Things to be Thankful for in the World of Green



This year marks the 40th anniversary of the Clean Air Act which has lead to countless environmental benefits and public health improvements. Since being signed into law, total emissions of the six principal air pollutants have decreased by more than 41%.

The Federal Government recently approved the world’s largest solar project to be built in California’s Mojave Desert saving us 1 million tons of carbon dioxide per year starting as early as 2013.

A recent report from the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Lab stated that if the U.S. develops offshore wind farms in the coastal waters of 26 states, we could generate 20% of our electricity from wind energy by 2030. Read more about harnessing offshore wind power here.

The awe-inspiring beauty of some of our country’s greatest landscapes remains protected thanks to the National Park Service. Plan a trip to one today by visiting

Project of the Month

Congratulations to November’s Project of the Month Winners!

1st Place

J. Sexton, Altamonte Springs, FL
2nd Place

A&G Mauriello, Sparta, NJ
3rd Place

D. Braddy, Sneads, FL


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