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Filmed in Downtown Los Angeles at the Hudson Lofts just blocks from the Staples Center, Vinyl Flooring Remastered is our first digital short for the new Cali Vinyl™ flooring line. For this commercial, we teamed up with Merit/Andrew out of Orange County to conceptualize, shoot and produce a 1 minute spot that uniquely shows off the floor’s durability, and beauty not to mention some seriously awesome dance moves.

Behind the Scenes:Vinyl Flooring Remastered

Behind the Scenes:Music

“P.A.R.T.Y.” by Wax & Herbal T
Hailing from Calvert County, Maryland “Wax” AKA Michael Jones grew up rapping and hanging out with Cali Bamboo’s Founder Tanner Haigwood. The two friends finished school, moved away from Maryland but both gravitated to Southern California. Wax seeking discovery in the music scene, settled in Los Angeles, and teamed up with his twin brother “Herbal T”, together they began posting videos of themselves rapping on YouTube. A 2008 video title “Traffic Jam” got them on YouTube’s Top 100 Musicians List and their 2012 hit “Rosana” earned them a record label deal. Fast forward to 2017, Cali Bamboo begins to conceptualize a commercial featuring Hip Hop music and breakdancing, and Tanner reaches out to his old friend in hopes of collaborating somehow. Wax, while interested in helping out, but a little unsure how to write a rap song about vinyl flooring, sent over P.A.R.T.Y. as an example, and immediately everyone knew it was the perfect song for the short.

It all starts with an idea, from there you begin to form a concept, and the next thing you know you’re pop lockin’ and top rockin’ on Grey Ash vinyl plank flooring. Working with Merit/Andrew to develop the short’s concept led to this animatic wich is a series of shots quickly sketched by one of their production artists. Not only does this rough video help communicate the video’s concept, it’s also a shot list showing many of the camera angles we needed to capture once on set.

Behind the Scenes:Photos

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