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Finding the right bamboo to floor your home can seem a daunting task. And we’ll admit that with over 30 unique styles, we’re not making your decision any easier. To help you along your journey here’s a handy infographic charting which floor is destined for you. Below you’ll find a cheat sheet decoding your additional options. Note that only 10 of Cali Bamboo’s top-sellers are represented here, many of which come in a variety of other sizes and styles. Your quest starts now!

Take the Flooring Adventure

Cali Bamboo® Floors DECODED

Fossilized® vs Organic
Bamboo flooring manufactured in the traditional process is referred to as organic and has a classic, clean, streamlined look that shows off the bamboo pole’s original strips. Organic flooring comes in two different styles: horizontal and vertical. Horizontal features slightly wider strips with the natural nodes of the bamboo still visible. Vertical flooring has much thinner strips without the visible nodes. Both styles come in Natural and Mocha colors and sport 10 coats of UV-cured scratch-resistant coating.

Cali Bamboo’s version of “strand woven” flooring is referred to as Fossilized® and has been tested as the world’s hardest floor. This makes it ideal for homes with an extra amount of foot/paw traffic. (All the floors in the infographic above are Fossilized®.) Our proprietary process interweaves and compresses shredded bamboo fibers into an uber-dense block, enhancing both the color and grain contrast. Fossilized® floors come in an array of shades and also feature the 10-coat scratch-resistant finish.

Wide Plank vs Standard
Several of Cali Bamboo’s Fossilized® floors and all of our Organics come in either a standard narrow plank or a wide plank. Both styles boast outstanding durability; it simply depends on what type of installation and look you prefer. Wide planks are the more popular choice. They tend to have a more contemporary, expansive feel and take less time to install because fewer pieces are required. Some customers prefer the more traditional look of the standard planks which can add length to smaller spaces.

Click-Lock vs Tongue and Groove
The majority of Cali Bamboo floors are manufactured with a traditional tongue and groove design which allows for a glue-down, nail-down or floating installation. 2012 saw the introduction of CaliClick™ Fossilized® bamboo floors. Designed to be snapped together without the need for nails or glue, this click-lock system is perfect for DIY enthusiasts looking to install themselves.

What is Antique, Distressed, Vintage and Rustic?
Most Cali Bamboo floors feature a completely smooth, satiny surface providing a very modern feel. The floors in our Exotic series, on the other hand, have undergone aging techniques to give them a unique “reclaimed wood” look. These styles include Distressed, Vintage, Antique and Rustic.
– Distressed – These planks are hand-scraped lengthwise so the surfaces have a slightly wavy feel to them. Distressed styles include Natural, Mocha and Java colors.
– Vintage – The surface of these floors looks slightly worn, a bit like driftwood. Vintage styles include Pearl and Java.
Antique – This style is a combination of Distressed and Vintage techniques, with a hand-scraped and a naturally aged surface. Antique is the most rustic of the three exotic styles and includes Java and Cocoa colors.
– Rustic – Inspired by reclaimed wood flooring, our Rustic line of flooring has a rough reclaimed look and is textured with unique saw marks giving it a naturally aged rustic look and feel. It is available in Beachwood and Barnwood colors (discontinued), both featuring a matte, hard wax oil finish.

Bear in Mind…

Regardless of what style you choose, consider this bit of guiding wisdom: Not all bamboo floors are equal. Like a finely-tuned science, creating a quality bamboo floor depends on a host of variables: what variety of bamboo you use, how old it is when it’s harvested, what time of year harvesting occurs, where the grove grows, and the level of oversight during the manufacturing process. Get the whole formula right and you have the most eco-friendly, beautiful product that also happens to be the world’s hardest floor. (We’re more than a little proud.)


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