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Cali Bamboo Flooring Accessories & Trim

Cali Bamboo® Flooring Accessories

Constructed from the same high quality flooring manufacturing process as each corresponding series. Flooring accessory pieces complete the project details such as: room transitions, wall transitions, and stairways.

Tips for Installing Accessories

Color-coordinated transitions & stair parts complete the installation. Check out our tricks of the trade!

Moisture Barrier – always required on concrete

Titebond® 531+ Moisture Control System

Solves the challenges of moisture transfer from concrete subfloors to wood and resilient flooring by reducing the transmission rate of moisture.Titebond 531 PLUS is fully-warranted. It dries fast, is tack-free in less than two hours under most conditions, has a low odor and eliminates the need for bead blasting or other inconvenient measures. It is VOC-compliant, meeting the most stringent national regulations.

Coverage: 320 sq. ft./mixed gallon

1 Gallon Kit

Titebond® 771-Step Adhesive and Moisture Control

Titebond® 771-Step Adhesive, Moisture & Sound Control combines the superior properties of a moisture cure adhesive with the ability to be used as a moisture and sound control system, primarily for wood floor installations. This product has no moisture limitations and calcium chloride or in-situ RH testing is not necessary. Once cured, the product is water-resistant and is not adversely affected by exposure to moisture or water. It provides a tough, flexible and tenacious bond to a variety of substrates. Being able to glue down and control moisture and sound in one application, it saves both labor and time. Alternatively, Titebond 771-Step can be used just as a one-part adhesive simply by using a different sized trowel.

3 Gallon Kit (4 x 0.75 Gallon Pouches)


Cali Complete™

This all-in-one underlayment is designed for moisture and vapor protection for all subfloors and floor types. The do-it-all, non-toxic sheet also achieves better overall noise reduction. Cali Complete thermal insulation makes floors warmer and more comfortable. Interlocking edges and a fan-fold design mean simple installations for homeowners and pros alike. And as an added plus for the planet, Cali Complete is 100% recyclable. Pair with Metallized Seaming Tape to ensure a full moisture barrier, even over concrete.
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 How to Install 
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IIC Test Bamboo
IIC Test Eucalyptus
IIC Test Cork

1.5mm | 100sqft/box

Metalized Seal Tape

Use with Cali Complete™ underlayment to seal interlocking edges and provide a moisture-proof, vapor-tight bond. Tape is wider than average to aid in more efficient installations. One roll will seal 3 sheets of underlayment. Metalized Seal Tape is recommended especially when installing on a concrete subfloor.

50mm x 50m – 1.96 in. x 164 ft.

Premium Recycled Felt Underlayment

Integrated sound reduction and underlayment for easy installation the 100% recycled alternative to synthetic foams reduces step in room sound & impact noise through floors. Recycled felt also increases walking comfort and helps insulate cold floors.
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100 sqft / roll (installs film side up)

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Floor Glue and Adhesives

Titebond® 670 Premium Vinyl Flooring Adhesive

Titebond 670 provides the professional installer with a fast setting, water-resistant and environmentally-safe adhesive.

  • Certified Flooring Adhesive for Cali Vinyl Pro
  • Strong Permanent Bond

1 Gallon Plastic Bucket

Titebond® 821 Premium Flooring Adhesive

A high-performance formula ideal for bonding engineered and solid plank flooring, solid plank flooring and bamboo to common underlayments and subfloors

  • Premium Flooring Adhesive
  • Ideal for Tongue & Groove Installations

Engineered Flooring Coverage:
Trowel 3/16″W X 1/4″D X 11/16″ C-C (or 1/2″ space) v-notch = approx. 65 sqft/gallon

Solid Bamboo & Eucalyptus Flooring 3+” Wide Coverage:
Trowel 3/16″ X 3/16″ X 3/16″ (square-notch) = approx. 35 sqft/gallon

3.5 Gallon Metal Pail – 1 pack

Titebond® Tongue & Groove Flooring Glue

A premium wood glue that offers a lower chalk temperature and a two year shelf-life, both of which make it unique to the industry. Titebond Tongue & Groove Flooring Glue is specifically formulated for all types of laminate and floating floors, even over radiant heat systems.

  • Premium Flooring Adhesive
  • Ideal for Tongue & Groove Installations

16 oz Bottle

Other Installation Items

Bamboo T&G Splines

Bamboo splines are used with T&G flooring to change plank direction. Often utilized around doorways or anywhere changing plank direction is preferred.

  • For T&G milled floor planks
  • Easily change floor plank direction
  • Made from Fossilized® Bamboo

5 ct.

.5″ x 48″

Kickstart Your Project

We know picking a floor for your home can be a tough decision, so we’re here to help! Call us to chat about your project, get expert advice, and learn about pricing.


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