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DIY Deck Tile Installation

The following TEST information provided by Cali Bamboo is intended to serve as a reference guide only. Please carefully read Cali Bamboo’s installation, maintenance, and warranty documentation prior to installation.
Please note: Cali Bamboo offers free in house technical support as a courtesy to our customers. Consult with one of our bamboo deck experts before, during or after you start your project. Contact [email protected] or (888)788-2254 to find answers to your specific installation questions that may be unique to your application.

Be Safe

Always protect yourself when operating power tools. Cali Bamboo recommends but is not limited to the following safety equipment: Gloves, eye protection, long sleeves, pants, closed toe shoes/boots and respiratory protection.

Receiving Your Materials

Once you have received your BamDeck®, make sure you store it covered on a flat level surface until you are ready for installation.

Tools Needed to Lay a DIY Deck

BamDeck® composite DIY deck tiles are so simple to install, you can snap them together in just a few minutes, with no tools required. However, if you need to make any custom cuts to fit an irregular space it’s best to have a circular saw, chop saw or jigsaw, a tape measure and pencil and safety equipment like gloves, a dust mask, eye protection and earplugs.

Getting Started

Before installing the deck tiles, make sure your surface is clean, smooth, flat (less than 2% grade) structurally sound and water should run away from the deck. It is always recommended to check with local building codes before installing any kind of decking material. Ensure all doorways and gates safely clear the height of a deck tile. Measure the area to ensure that the final row of tiles will be at least 3” wide.

Laying Tiles

Start laying the tiles in rows and make sure they fully snap together on all four sides. If you’re creating a pattern, it’s a good idea to take a step back from time to time and check your progress

Removing & Fixing Disengaged Tiles:

If you have to remove a tile, simply grip it at the locking mechanism and lift up while holding down the surrounding tiles.
If for any reason one of the panels detaches from the black base, do not try to force it back together as this can damage the prongs on the base. Instead, carefully insert a flat-head screwdriver into the locking mechanism on the underside of the detached panel and bend the prong gently inward on both sides while simultaneously applying pressure until it snaps back in place.

Cutting & Trimming Tiles

You can use a hand saw if a tile needs to be trimmed, but a motorized circular, chop, or jig saw with a carbide tipped blade works best. When cutting, remember that tiles cannot be less than 3 inches wide or the width of one panel. For curved or shaped cuts, it’s a good idea to use a piece of cardboard as a guide.

Care & Maintenance

It’s a good idea, in general, to try and keep your tiles free of debris and not drag heavy objects across them. For other care and maintenance follow the same tips recommended for BamDeck® composite decking found at Remember to hold onto any extra DIY deck tiles you didn’t use, just in case you ever need a replacement.

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