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Easy Fencing Installation

General Guidelines

Proper installation and maintenance are key elements in achieving best fencing results. It is the responsibility of the installer/owner to follow all guidelines provided by Cali Bamboo for success.

  • Cali Bamboo always recommends sealing the bamboo fencing with TWP (Total Weather Protectant) before or immediately after installation has occurred (See Maintenance Guide)
  • Always predrill the Bamboo fencing before attempting to fasten the fence to the studs. Cali Bamboo recommends fastening the Bamboo fence every 10th pole.
  • Use caution with the speed of the screw gun to ensure poles are not cracked during installation
  • Cali Bamboo recommends using screws made for outdoor use, solid decking screws tend to work the best.
  • When installing Cali Bamboo fencing it is important to remember there are a top and a bottom side. The ends that are capped off are the top side (See Diagram 1).
  • When installing the fencing it is highly recommended to keep the fencing at least 1-2 inches off the ground. This will help prevent the fencing from absorbing moisture from the ground
  • Always check with your local building code before the start of your project as building code supersedes all guidelines.
  • Poles can be removed from fencing panel for a perfect fit (this will require cutting metal wiring).


  • First thing you will need to do is install studs 1’ from the top and bottom of the cinder block/brick wall. You want to use a minimum of 1”x3” furring strip (2”x4” recommended) as your studs (See Diagram 2).
  • Install studs horizontally along the wall. Always predrill then use concrete screws to fasten studs to cinder block/brick wall.
  • Once studs are securely fastened you can start installing your Bamboo fencing.


  • When installing over a chain link fence the recommended method to attach the bamboo rolls with zip ties.
  • Zip ties should be used at least every 2’ along the length of the fence and at least 6” from the top and bottom of the existing chain link.


  • See local Building Code for framing requirements.
  • Once frame is complete you can now attach fencing.
  • Always predrill poles before putting screws in.

Please note: Above guideline is just that, a guide. Local building code will always supersede the guideline provided. It is up to the installer of the fence to follow outdoor building best practices for safety and best results.

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