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Easy Fencing Installation Video

See how easy it is to build a truly unique bamboo fence.

Building a Cali Bamboo® fence. First, we’ll begin by measuring out eight feet between our bamboo 4x4 posts and digging holes that are about 10 inches wide and 18 inches deep. Use stakes and guide strings to make sure your fence is straight and plumb. Once the posts are cut to the desired height place them in the holes, and check your guide strings making sure everything lines up properly.  Next, you’re ready to mix the concrete and pour into the post holes. Plan on using one 50 pound bag of cement mix per post. Give your posts 24 hours to set, then attach your 2x4s to each of the secured posts. You should plan to add your Cali Bamboo® Weatherguard™ or TWP® sealer to all lumber and panels before assembly.  Due to its tough and durable nature,bamboo lumber is too dense to nail and requires pre-drilling using a counter-synch bit. Once you’ve done this, toenail all 2x4 rails to posts using Cali Bamboo® screws. Now you’re ready to install the rolled bamboo panels. Pre-drill approximately every tenth pole and secure the panel with Cali Bamboo® screws along the top 2x4. Then move to the bottom 2x4 rail. If you need to adjust the length of your panel, simply use wire snips on the last pole and pull off as many as you need to get a perfect fit.  Then bend the wire back to secure the panel. You have now completed a Cali Bamboo® economy fence. To upgrade to a Cali Bamboo® standard or Cali Bamboo® designer fence, also known as a picture-frame fence, simply add a 2x6 cap and two 1x4 rails to each fence segment. For more information about bamboo fencing and other green building products contact Cali Bamboo at 1-888-788-2254 or visit

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