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Eucalyptus Flooring FAQs

Eucalyptus Floors For Your Home

Learn What Makes Eucalyptus a Great Flooring Option

Q. Why should I choose Cali Bamboo® Floors For Your Home?
A. There are several advantages to using Cali Bamboo® Flooring as opposed to traditional hardwood flooring.

Environmental Advantage
Eucalyptus is the most environmentally friendly wood product on Earth because it is the fastest growing plant on record. It takes 30-50 years for an oak tree to grow back after it is cut down for wood flooring. Eucalyptus, on the other hand, can be sustainably harvested for flooring every 5-7 years.

Structural advantage
Eucalyptus flooring can be twice as hard as oak floors and expand at half the rate of most hardwoods, making the wood fibers in Eucalyptus much more ideal for flooring. These unique physical characteristics make Eucalyptus more suitable for a range of applications and installation environments.

Cost Advantage
Eucalyptus flooring actually costs less than most hardwoods. Sounds odd, but because Eucalyptus grows back so much faster than other trees, the overall supply is not in the jeopardy of other hardwoods. Also, because so many individuals and businesses have discovered the benefits of Eucalyptus flooring in the last few years, the size of the product’s market has increased exponentially, bringing down manufacturing and distribution costs.

Logistical Advantage
Unlike most Eucalyptus flooring companies, Cali Bamboo manufactures its own flooring and ships from our own distribution centers, meaning the product will arrive quickly and efficiently. If any problem arises, simply contact us and we will fix it. Your warranty is guaranteed by us, as opposed to an unknown foreign company who may or may not honor it.

Q. What are the differences between the various kinds of Eucalyptus flooring and which do I need?
A. There are several different manufacturing techniques in the world of Eucalyptus flooring as well as many color and size variations, providing you with hundreds of different flooring styles to choose from. When making a selection, consider the following two features:

Solid Eucalyptus Flooring manufacturing technique
This process is where Eucalyptus is cut into rectangular strips and laminated together. If the strips are laminated side to side and the face is shown, it is referred to as horizontal. If the same strips are laminated in a perpendicular fashion and the shorter side is being viewed, the grain is referred to as vertical.

Beyond the color and size variations that account for the visual difference, the initial choice of raw material and technique by which the strips are processed makes a huge difference and is what separates flooring into different quality categories. The finishing process which protects the floor from surface wear and tear is another major determinant of the overall quality of the floor. High-quality finishing is a crucial step, but one which may go undetected by the buyer. This can mean the difference between a budget floor which can end up scratched by a mere fingernail and a floor which can withstand the falls of heavy objects without any damage!

Strand Woven (Cali Bamboo® Fossilized Series)
In this manufacturing process Eucalyptus is cut into random strip sizes and then pressed under extreme pressure along with specialized adhesives. This manufacturing process produces flooring that is harder and denser than traditional solid Eucalyptus flooring as well as most traditional hardwood floors. The strand woven — or fossilized — process creates a random grain similar in look to traditional hardwood flooring but with significantly superior strength and durability. Just as in the solid Eucalyptus manufacturing process, the raw material stock, processing procedures, and crucial final coating technique makes the difference between high-quality, durable floors and a more susceptible and easily damaged floor.

Q. How do I care for and maintain my Eucalyptus floors?
A. Here are some basic practices that will help maintain a good looking floor for decades:

Cali Bamboo recommends vacuuming or sweeping the floor on a regular basis to remove dirt, sand or grit. Soak up spills immediately using a dry towel or dry mop. Never wet-mop a hardwood floor. Protect floor from moving furniture by using “feet” or protective caps. Pick up heavy objects; do not slide furniture or appliances across the floor. Keep pets nails trimmed to avoid excess scratching. Avoid rubber backed, vinyl or non-ventilated rugs. Limit direct sunlight on floor by using curtains and blinds in areas that are exposed to high UV rays. Maintain humidity between 40% -60%. Floor wax and oil should not be used.

Please read our full Care & Maintenance page.

Q. How do I install Eucalyptus flooring?
A: It depends on the type of subfloor, existing floor and application, but there are three basic ways to install Eucalyptus flooring:

Glue Down Method
Floating Click-Lock Method
Floating T&G Method
T&G Nail Down Method

Consult our flooring experts to determine the best installation technique for you – call 1(888) 788-2254.

Q. Do you sell Eucalyptus accessories like stair parts and transition pieces?
A: Yes. We sell all types of Eucalyptus flooring accessories and stair parts including Eucalyptus stair treads, Eucalyptus stair risers, Eucalyptus stair nosing, Eucalyptus reducers, Eucalyptus t-molding, Eucalyptus quarter rounds, Eucalyptus thresholds, and Eucalyptus baseboards as well as all the glues and adhesives you will need to complete your project.