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Eucalyptus Flooring

Eucalyptus flooring offers a beautiful wood grain that is comparable to traditional hardwoods. Added benefits of eucalyptus wood flooring include superior durability and sustainability.

Sustainable & Durable

CALI’s high-quality eucalyptus hardwood flooring is durable and boasts a high Janka hardness rating which means it withstands excess weight and is more difficult to dent than other floorings.

Eucalyptus is a sustainable material because it’s one of the fastest-growing plants on the planet! It can also be harvested without harming the surrounding environment, making this flooring a great choice for your home and the planet!

Engineered Eucalyptus

Our engineered eucalyptus has all the benefits of solid eucalyptus flooring with the versatility engineered. With its engineered construction, this flooring can more readily handle moisture-prone environments like basements.

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