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Whether you’re new to flooring, or just looking to level-up your flooring IQ, check out this collection of curated content and become a flooring guru.

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What is engineered Hardwood Flooring?
Is engineered hardwood flooring right for my home?
DIY Flooring Resources
What is SPC flooring?

More Flooring Education:

Floating Wood Floor

Floating Wood Floor

Floating floors are DIY friendly, but here’s some common mistakes people make. In this short video, we explain how to plan for natural floor... more »
Wood Floor Cupping

Wood Floor Cupping

Wood floor cupping can be avoided or fixed by following a few simple steps. If your hardwood floors have a wavy appearance, they are likely cupping... more »
Bamboo Flooring Quality

Bamboo Flooring Quality

How to Choose Quality Bamboo Flooring Going green is now a trending theme for nearly every industry. As awareness grows for the critical importance... more »
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