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GeoWood Flooring
Easy to Clean
Fast Install
Water Resistant
Built to Last
Scratch Resistant

GeoWood Flooring

GeoWood™ is a revolutionary engineered hardwood combining real timber layered over GeoCore™ -- Cali’s stabilizing limestone composite foundation. This technological breakthrough yields rock solid hardwood flooring with exceptional water resistance and comes at a lower price point than solid wood planks.

Nothing Beats Real Wood

The beauty layer atop each GeoWood plank features sustainable bamboo and lumber from Lacey Act Compliant managed forests.

The Secret is Waterproof GeoCore™

This proprietary waterproof limestone composite fortifies each plank and delivers protection from high heels, pet claws, and furniture.
Provides 50% better dimensional stability (less expansion/contraction) and faster acclimation & installation.

Rock Solid Hardwood Flooring

Real Hardwood Floors for Real Life