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Palm Thatch FAQs

Palm Thatch FAQs

Q: What is palm thatch made from?
A: Cali Bamboo® thatch roofing is constructed from the leaves of palm trees, which is naturally effective at withstanding sun, rain, and gale force winds.

Q: How long does it last?
A: Cali Bamboo® palm that will retain its new appearance for several years. After that, it may begin to turn grey from the elements. To protect your thatch from fading and to improve its water resistance, we recommend spraying with a polyurethane or other UV-inhibiting clear coat.

Q: Is Cali Bamboo® palm thatch water-proof?
A: Palm thatch is naturally water resistant, but not water-proof. To enhance your structure’s water resistance, we recommend installing 3 or more layers of thatch, or putting some kind of barrier such as plastic in between two layers of thatch.

Q: Where is palm thatch made?
A: All of Cali Bamboo’s thatch products are sustainably-sourced and hand-woven in Vietnam.