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Irvine 5' x 7' Rectangle - CALI Rugs

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    Irvine 5' x 7' Rectangle - CALI Rugs


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    • This rug’s premium polypropylene weave adds instant style, texture, and personality to your space
    • A geometric, beige-toned design enhances rooms and is easy to incorporate with existing décor
    • Features a medium pile height for added in-room comfort
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  • Color: 5' x 7'


    5' x 7'

    Product Highlights
    • Stain resistant, non-shedding, pet-friendly, and easy to maintain
    • Safe for homes, OEKO-TEX 100 certified, and woven using materials free of harmful substances
    • All rugs are constructed with a heat set backing
    • Can be vacuumed using beater bar setting
    • Rectangular shape is perfect for living rooms, bedrooms, and under dinner tables
    • Designed for indoor or outdoor use
    • Made in Belgium
    Feature: indoor-outdoor

    indoor outdoor

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    power loom

    Additional Product Info

    • Specs
    • Maintenance & Installation
    • FAQs
    Code 6501370410
    Construction Machine Woven
    Material 100% Polypropylene
    Machine Washable No
    Certification OEKO-TEX 100
    Radiant Heat Compatible Yes (up to 85F)
    Weight (lb) 13.29
    Application Indoor / Outdoor
    UV Protected Yes
    Pile Height 0.23
    Care and Maintenance

    Care and Maintenance

    Q.How do I first add my rug to a new space?
    • Vacuum the rug against the direction of the flattened pile to help fluff up fibers that may have compressed.
    • If the rug has creases from being rolled up, simply lay it flat, and the wrinkles should smooth out within a few days.
    • You can also reverse-roll any curled edges.
    • Rugs are shipped in sealed packaging to help protect them in transit. This may give them a strange smell when they’re first unwrapped. Rest assured, all CALI rugs are woven using materials and techniques that have received Oeko-Tex 100 certification. This ensures all rugs have been tested and proven free of harmful substances. Any smell should dissipate after the rug is unrolled and allowed to air out.
    Q.How do I clean my CALI rug?
    • Vacuum regularly. A beater bar setting may be used.
    • As all textiles fade over time, consider occasionally rotating rugs that receive sun exposure so any fading occurs evenly.
    • To remove stains, first blot with a dry cloth to remove has much of the substance as possible. If the stain persists, use a mild detergent, and continue blotting the stained area.
    • Outdoor rugs can be cleaned with a garden hose if needed. Pressure washing is not recommended.
    • Machine washable rugs can be washed with laundry detergent in cold water. Adding towels or washing multiple rugs at the same time can help balance out the spin cycle. After washing, hang outside to dry, but avoid direct sunlight. If the rug is wrinkled after air drying, tumble in a dryer using the air-only cycle with no heat.
    Q.Are CALI rugs radiant heat compatible?
    • Yes (up to 85F)
    Q.Does my CALI rug come with an attached pad?
    • No
    Q.What is the difference between low, medium, and high pile heights vs. flatweave?
    • Pile heights are broken into three categories: low (less than ¼ inch), medium (¼ to ½ inch), and high (½ to ¾ inch).
    • Higher pile heights are softer and more comfortable underfoot. On the other hand, low pile height rugs can be easier to clean and are more durable (as they wear more evenly than their high pile counterparts).
    • Flatweave rugs are made on a loom and woven rather than knotted, so they don’t have a tufted pile. This means they're typically thinner, flat, and lightweight. While they may not be as soft as a tufted rug, they are the easiest to maintain.
    Q.Is there a warranty?
    • There is no rug warranty, but if there is a verified manufacture defect, the rug may be refunded or replaced. For any concerns, please start a case with CALI Customer Experience.
    Q.Can rugs be returned?
    • No, all CALI rug sales are final.
    Q.Do any have an attached pad?
    • Rugs do not come with an attached pad. We recommend using a felt rug pad.
    Q.What does pile height mean?
    • Pile height refers to the thickness of the rug measured from the surface to the backing.
    Q.Are the rugs compatible with CALI flooring and decking?
    • Yes, all rugs are compatible with CALI floors and decks.
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